5 May 2020

Back to the workplace? Where will you get food and a coffee?

With much discussion around the guidelines to be implemented for workplace restaurants and café’s I thought I would share some thoughts and facts given it is on many people’s minds.

Within Business and Industry at Compass Group nearly 60% of our client sites have remained open during the lockdown due to being essential operators and suppliers. For example, Distribution centres, Utility companies, Food manufactures, Supermarket distribution centres and Research companies.

It has been essential to continue to provide these workers with food and beverages during their working days (and nights in some cases), in particular as many sites are not near shops or outlets that can offer food.

The feedback from our clients has been excellent in our guidance around safe practices coupled with our process being shared with our primary Authority (Luton) and the BHA who have both complimented our approach.

Social distancing and control in workplace restaurants has proved to be very successful, have been tried and tested throughout the pandemic and this feels like the best way in which to control Health and safety in the work environment. The processes and operational standards we have developed allow for people to be refreshed whilst staying safe at work rather than venturing out to the street and queuing on footpaths or congregating outside.  

We and our clients  have a duty to provide food and drink during work time, much of this is subsidised by the client enabling the employee to have a meal and drink at better value than outside of work. Importantly, for some this is their most substantial meal of the day.

All of us are finding a visit to the supermarket tricky, for me it really has lost its shine as I find myself queuing for long periods. For many at work who don’t have the time to do this  offering a meal and snack at work will be fundamental and it also minimises health and safety risks.  

For me personally, I want to be able to have access to food and drink easily and in a super safe environment and therefore in my safe haven of work is where I want to be.